Ball Valve Manufacturers Introduce Failures Caused By Process A


    Ball Valve Manufacturers introduces the failures and countermeasures caused by process and design:

    common error

    1) The valve cannot operate due to the change of process parameters, which causes the pressure difference in the pipeline to be too large.

    2) The valve body is fouled due to the medium, causing the valve to act abnormally.

    3) The valve cannot operate normally due to the blockage of the pipeline.

    4) Due to the design and selection, the actuator is too small, the torque is not enough, the valve cannot operate normally, and the valve body material is not suitable, resulting in damage to the valve body.

    Cause countermeasures

    1) The pressure difference is too large, so that the control valve cannot be opened normally. Treatment method: install a bypass valve before and after the control valve.

    2) The control valve cannot be opened normally due to the scaling of the valve body due to process reasons. Treatment method: increase the flushing water pipe, disassemble the valve regularly to clean the valve body, and polish the valve core if necessary.

    3) The control valve cannot operate due to the blockage of the pipeline. Treatment method: optimize the operation method, try not to block the pipeline, and disassemble the pipeline flushing valve.

    4) About design selection. Treatment method: try to optimize various process parameters in the design stage to ensure that there will be no problems in selection due to inaccurate process parameters.

    Through the above introduction, KHB Ball Valves/KHB3K Ball Valves Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.