2 Way Ball Valves/3 Way Ball Valves Company Introduces The Inst


    2 Way Ball Valves/3 Way Ball Valves Company introduces ball valve, gate valve, globe valve installation precautions:

    1. When installing the valve, it is necessary to clean the inner cavity and the sealing surface, check whether the connecting bolts are evenly tightened, and check whether the packing is pressed tightly.

    2. The valve is closed during installation.

    3. Large-sized gate valves and pneumatic control valves should be installed vertically, so as not to be biased to one side due to the large self-weight of the valve core, which will cause leakage.

    4. There is a set of correct installation process standards.

    5. The valve should be installed in accordance with the allowable working position, but attention should be paid to the convenience of maintenance and operation.

    6. The installation of the globe valve should make the flow direction of the medium consistent with the arrow marked on the valve body. For valves that are not frequently opened and closed but need to strictly ensure that they do not leak in the closed state, they can be installed in reverse to make them tightly closed with the help of the medium pressure. .

    7. When tightening the compression screw, the valve should be in a slightly open state to avoid crushing the sealing surface of the valve top.

    8. Before positioning the low temperature valve, the opening and closing test should be done in a cold state as much as possible, and it is required to be flexible without jamming.

    9. The liquid valve should be configured so that the valve stem is inclined at an angle of 10° to the horizontal to prevent the liquid from flowing out along the valve stem, and more seriously, to avoid leakage.

    10. After the large air separation tower is exposed to cold, pre-tighten the flange of the connecting valve once in a cold state to prevent leakage at normal temperature but leakage at low temperature.

    Through the above introduction, China High Pressure Floating Ball Valves Company hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.