Hydraulic Ball Valves Factory Introduces The Regulating Action


    Hydraulic Ball Valves Factory describes the role of the valve:

    1. Cut-off effect: The important function of the valve is the cut-off effect. It is to close (close) the fluid in the pipeline without making it flow. In general, the valves of various pipelines mainly play the role of cut-off.

    2. Adjustment function: Another important function of the valve is to adjust the flow, adjust the medium flow, temperature, pressure, liquid level and other parameters according to the working conditions or requirements, and the flow control depends on the adjustment of the valve opening.

    3. Anti-reverse effect: Some pipes require medium flow to flow in one direction, and reverse flow or rewind is not allowed. This requires the use of a check valve (or one-way valve). It refers to a valve that automatically opens and closes the valve flap to prevent the backflow of the medium. It belongs to an automatic valve. Its main function is to prevent the reverse flow of the medium, the reverse rotation of the pump and the drive motor, and the discharge of the container medium.

    4. Safety function: When the fluid pressure is too high, in order to prevent the pressure in the high-pressure container from exceeding the pressure limit of the container, an explosion may occur. Therefore, a valve that can automatically release pressure under a certain pressure is installed on the container, usually called a safety valve. For example, safety valves are installed on boilers, compressed air tanks and some high pressure reactors. The valve plays a role in ensuring safety.

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