Is it possible to change Emirates flight

  • No, you cannot change your Emirates flight for free if the flight is within 7 days of your original departure and the new departure is within three hours of your original destination. You will also not be able to change your ticket type and change your travel dates and the number of passengers. If you want to make any change in your flights so you can contact the customer care number, or you can use the complaint form, etc.. If you want to Can I reschedule flight Emirates, you must pay the extra amount. 

    Methods to change your Emirates Flight 

    Via Online

    Suppose you have a booking on Emirates Flight and now you want to change your flight dates. You can use the online mode and change the Emirates Flight dates. You have to follow the steps, and you will be able to change your Emirates Flight.


    1. Visit the official website of Emirates Flight

    2. Click on manage bookings

    3. Enter your six-digit reservation number and enter your last name and first name of yours.

    4. Now click on change flight.

    5. You will get a confirmation email and a text message on your phone number.

    6. Now pay the amount through net banking.

    7. Now the Emirates flight will be changed.

    If you have any queries regarding Can you change your Emirates flight for free? So you can go through and follow the steps which are mentioned on this.