Basic Thoughts on Social Issue

  • Here many Non-Government Organizations will be providing funds to the people who think of losing their life because of the non-possibilities of repayment of loan/debt on them. People like farmers, small businessmen, widows, orphans due to rites, senior citizens, and otherworldly neglected people.

    But we human beings do not follow this basic universal rule and try to moulds our surroundings to our benefit. Human beings never think if we follow the basic rule then the whole system starts working in our favor and as a spontaneous process, we start getting its benefits. We react in reverse of the same and work as per our benefits even if it is harming us and our surroundings.

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    Funding Support Facility

    Every day in the news we hear about farmers or other citizens from different domains committing suicide, sometimes alone and sometimes with family. There are no NGOs or departments or institutions to diagnose these issues and come out with some solution. These incidents become the political tools for different party leaders, but no one thinks about how to stop these incidents to happen. NGOs in Uttar Pradesh are going to work for these cases, by providing finance as well as other legal supports and is going to support them in restructuring their lives as well as in displacement in new areas for survival possibilities.

    Basic Thoughts

    • NGO work to cultivate our life as per universal laws on human grounds with your support.
    • Every human born, have basic rights as per the civilization whether he has born in an uncivilized system (the forest) or the civilized system.
    • We say now our planet earth is civilized and divided in different boundaries (countries), having their social system as per their geographical circumstances.
    • Bharat, our nation is the place where we are born and feel proud of this.
    • Bharat our nation passed through different civilizations and most of them gave maximum importance to the common citizens.
    • Presently in 2011, we are living in a democratic civilization since our freedom in 1947, where citizens decide, that who will rule the nation shows that senior-most authority of nation is a common man.
    • All this sounds good and shows, we are born in a civilized society and got our basic human rights With our duties.
    • Right to live safely in society, everyone must have a home with basic facilities
    • All medical facilities should be free of cost
    • Basic (on which basis you can get a job) education of convent level must be free
    • Job must be the responsibility of govt. system
    • Every authority will be responsible for his duties and will face punishment for any kind of misuse or disuse
    • Every department will be transparent to every citizen
    • These are the expected and known basics, of the civilized democratic system, and we also will work towards the same thought.

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