RPGStash EFT Guide: How to get the red keycard?


    Escape from Tarkov is a survival escape game. In the game, players must first learn to protect themselves and then kill the enemy. In the game, whether you are a novice player or an experienced player, you will need a lot of EFT Money to flesh out your gear.

    The red keycard can help players get special weapons and items on the lab map, so many players want to own one! However, The red keycard is a very rare creature, and it takes time and effort to find it.

    The red keycard is located on the coastline map, and since it's so rare, you may have to run around the map for a while to find it. Make sure you have the West Ring 218, 221, 222, 110, or 112 key before attempting to reach the red card spawn point.

    They are mainly located around and inside the resort building - for example, rooms 110, 112, 218, 221, and 222, this is where you will need the keys. Red Key Cards can also spawn at gas stations, hayfields, on top of weather stations, and other locations.

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