RPGStash EFT Guide: Latest Patches - When will bugs be fixed


    Escape from Tarkov differs from other games in that, as a first-person multiplayer game, a server wipe means that all content searched before the wipe is lost, and the player has to start from scratch.

    Lately, many people have complained about "server connection lost" bugs causing disconnects from matches, and the latest update has blurred the scope as well. While others are still waiting to fix their damaged air filter.

    No amount of Escape From Tarkov Items or weaponry will help the player if they can't see the enemy clearly when aiming down the target. Some people have tried modifying graphics settings, disabling DLSS and increasing resolution scaling, but nothing seems to help so far.

    Tobias Solem, senior community manager at Battlestate Games, commented on the matter and said the developers are working on a fix. We don't yet have an estimated timeframe for when it will be fixed.

    Players will want the developers to find the root cause of the problem as soon as possible and release a patch to fix it as soon as possible. If the players are really as stated, then all players will be on the same level.

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