RPGStash Lost Ark Guide: How to find and complete the Drumbeat


    Lost Ark has been around for a long time before it was introduced to the Western world, the map of Arkesia has grown very wide, consisting of several continents divided by the ocean, covered with small islands, if not directly mentioned, these small islands It's easy to miss. One of these islands is Drumbeat Island.

    Drumbeat Island

    Drumbeat Island is a moderately sized island off the east coast of North Fern. It can also move northeast from Death Fort Island and northwest from Fortuna Island. It consists of two halves, cut almost entirely horizontally by its own personal bay.

    Drumbeat Island is one of the possible spawn locations of Procyon's Compass quests. Completing the corresponding tasks can earn rewards including Lost Ark Gold. Players can find it by selecting the compass icon on the bottom bar of the minimap. This will open Procyon's Compass Events task window, where you can choose from a variety of available events. Occasionally, Drumbeat Island is chosen as the Adventure Island of the day.

    Drumbeat Island has two quests that can be obtained from Scholar Orbitan:

    Mysterious Object - Reward: Pirate Coin x10,000
    With Doubts - Reward: Gienah's Coin x1,000

    "Mysterious Object" requires the player to interact with the telescope and use the telescope to find objects falling from the sky. Meanwhile, "With Doubts" involves a mini-game where players can smash green mobs.

    Players also have the opportunity to earn Drumbeat Island Token items after completing some co-op missions, which are non-tradable and unique. If you want to increase your chances of getting it, you can go to RPGStash and buy lost ark gold to enhance your character.

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