How to get the Chambers of Xeric in Old School Runescape

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    The Chambers of Xeric is Old School's first full-scale raid. It's surreal for really advanced, clicking other stuff. It's simply fascinating to see how Jagex turns the raid into its head, cutting and modifying the dungeon to produce a unique experience that definitely exudes Runescape.

    To achieve this variety without departing from Runescape's core simplicity, the team adopted an unusual design philosophy early on: the modular challenge. Xeric's rooms include eight boss rooms, four challenge rooms based on skills like stealing and woodcutting, and a final boss, The Great Olm.

    Either way, Olm himself is the only constant. Each raid is a randomly generated combination of roughly half of the 12 rooms, which means you'll rarely run the same raid twice, It also required players to complete a series of challenges with boss punctuation.

    Importing these elements into Old School is intuitive, but not that simple. The biggest feature that Xeric has inherited is its crafting system. Unlike dungeons, players can bring any gear and items they want into raids. But they will inevitably run out of supplies, often before they even reach Orm.

    This has to do with those non-combat rooms, which is actually one of Xeric's most compelling features. At that time, players had to use the resources around them to restock, and the most important RS Gold in the game was indeed the most insatiable, players needed to buy OSRS Gold from online sites to meet their daily needs.

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