How to Get Lost Ark Pirate Coins

  • Pirate Coin is also a currency in Lost Ark. Unlike Lost Ark Gold, it is mainly used to buy upgrade materials and recruit crew for your ship from various merchants in the waters of Arkesia. The better upgrades you have, the better on the high seas. The easier it is to sail without worrying about problems.

    Use Pirate Coins to buy some unique items from various sea merchants. Chief among them is Song of Resonance, which unlocks hidden and new islands, and Giant's Heart, which players want most. Since they are all rare and unique items, you can imagine that you need a lot of Pirate Coins to get them, how can you get more of such an important currency?

    How to Earn Pirate Coins

    Getting Pirate Coins is not as difficult as Lost Ark Gold, the easiest and most efficient way is to complete island missions. These are the quest chains you can find on the game's many islands, and they can reward you with a lot of Coins without taking too much time.

    We can start with islands that reward fewer Coins, gradually upgrade your ship, and work towards islands that reward a lot of Coins. It's worth mentioning that Pirate Coin is an account-wide currency, and completing these tasks is once per account.

    Players can go to the giant mushroom island, and you will be rewarded with 2,000 Coins for completing the quest, and 15,000 Coins from the quest on Liberty Island. These tasks don't take long. You can also earn Coins at Golden Wave Island, Runaways Island, Peyto and Glacier Island, Sublime Island, Blackfang's Den, Lullaby Island and more.

    In addition, you can also do Una quests that reward Pirate Coins daily and weekly, complete various marine activities and activities discovered using the Procyron Compass to get additional Pirate Coins, and other currencies can also be exchanged for different amounts of Pirate Coins , these are how we earn Pirate Coins.

    Players can't be satisfied with the fun of earning Pirate Coins. To experience more Lost Ark content, you'd better use Lost Ark Gold to level up the game to level 50, and you will experience a more adventurous and exciting Lost Ark.

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