How to get a Compass in Escape from Tarkov?


    EFT Compass is very important for players in airdrops or entering unfamiliar environments. Players can get a compass in-game in two ways, by helping Prapor to get a compass for free, or you can buy a compass from Jaeger. To get it from Prapor, you must complete Debut and Search Missions.

    Before starting the game, players should ensure that they are at least level 5 in the game and have enough EFT Money ready to ensure the successful completion of the mission. Eliminate five homeless people at customs and bring two MP-133 shotguns to Prapol. Then, help him find the location of the missing convoy and USEC camp.

    The quests are not that simple and require your time and effort, Prapor will give you a compass and some EFT Money to help you if for some reason you miss the Prapor quests or don't want to spend time on them, you can do this by completing the Gunsmith Part 1 Mechanic's quest to unlock the Jaeger Store.

    Here, you need to get three Elite Pliers – they can be found in dead scavs, sports bags, toolboxes, technical supply crates, ground hatches, or buried barrel caches. After unlocking the Jaeger store, players can buy the compass directly.

    Escape from Tarkov is a survival escape game, you must have enough EFT Money in exchange for various weapons and equipment if you don't have it, then please do the tasks in the game to earn, if you are tired of these repetitive tasks, then you can Buy EFT Money directly from, which is the most efficient method.