How to select NPCs to build rapport in Lost Ark


    Lost Ark Rapport is a friendship system, colloquially, a friendship meter associated with certain NPCs scattered in Lost Ark. Players can improve by giving gifts, playing songs, using specific emotes, or completing side quests Rapport ranks with these characters for valuable rewards.

    Rapport is just one of the features in Lost Ark, it's not that important in the early stages of the game, but the items provided by Rapport can be very useful as you level up the game with items acquired with Lost Ark Gold. So we'd better not ignore upfront rapport.

    For a full list of characters with a Rapport column, just head to the Rapport tab to see the entire cast, along with the rewards they can offer. in addition, if you're not sure how to start building a rapport with your characters, the unlock requirements for each character are listed - easy and handy!

    Who is the best NPC to build rapport with?

    At the beginning of the game, you can choose Thirain from Luterra Castle, and at lower rapport levels he will give you a lot of Lost Ark Gold, which can help players trade for the best gear. At the highest level of rapport, you'll get a card potion.

    If you want to get a giant's heart, then you can choose from Sasha, Beatrice, Nineveh, and Blue-eyed Calvasus, all of which are available from these NPCs. These precious items can be exchanged for skill point potions, which can help players improve their character power.

    In the long run, you will develop a rapport with each NPC. RPGStash recommends that you prioritize NPCs that can provide rewards, especially those you need.

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