Diablo 2 Resurrected Enigma Armor making guide


    Enigma Armor has always been very popular and is the D2R Items that players make more frequently. The best base for Enigma armor is the Light Plate, its improved versions Mage Plate or Archon Plate are also very popular. No matter which armor you use, you need three slots, three D2r Runes, a Jah rune, an Ith rune, and a Ber rune. Combined into the Runeword "JahIthBer".

    Light Plate is possible to get it in Nightmare or even Hell on Normal difficulty, especially towards the end of the game. Mage's Plate begins to drop in Chapter 5 on Nightmare difficulty, while Archon's Plate begins to drop in Chapter 5 on Hell difficulty.

    Of the three runes, the Ith rune is the easiest to find or craft. It can be dropped by Hellforge on Normal difficulty or Countess higher, and can be found in regular loot starting in Act 3.

    Ber and Jah are obtained in completely different ways. Ber starts dropping in Chapter 3 on Hell difficulty, or can be crafted by translating two Sur runes and a flawless Amethyst in Horadric Cube. Jah starts dropping in Chapter 4 on Hell difficulty, or can be crafted with two Ber runes and a flawless sapphire.

    Finding these runes isn't easy, but it's worth the effort, thanks largely to the D2R Enigma's massive power bonus, and the fact that it allows you to teleport, regardless of your class. Here is the full list of bonuses:

    +2 to all skills
    +45% faster running/walking
    +1 teleport
    +750-775 Defense
    + 0.75 Strength per character level
    5% increased maximum life
    Damage reduced by 8%
    +14 health after each kill
    15% of damage taken is converted to mana
    + 1% Higher chance of getting magic items per character level

    Even so, there will be plenty of players who get the Enigma Armor without a hitch, and some players will always have plenty of time to complete these quests. If you are a busy casual player in reality, then you can try to buy D2R Runes from rpgstash.com, you can also Buy Enigma directly, no matter what season, RPGStash can always be the first time with its professional service quality help you complete the task.