Lost Ark Una's Tasks - Great way to get gold


    As we already know in the previous article, completing Una quests can earn you a lot of Lost Ark Gold. Una's mission is a constantly updated mission to receive large amounts of Lost Ark Gold with very little time investment. Once the player reaches the level cap, this is a great way to continue unlocking new items and improving gear.

    Complete the Lost Ark Una's Tasks

    The missions available in the game's daily and weekly systems vary widely. Daily quests are usually as simple as choosing a quest from the adventure menu, killing a few specific enemies or collecting a few specific items. Weekly missions revolve primarily around other endgame activities, such as collecting rare items while sailing.

    Chaos dungeons, boss battles, guardian raids and more can be part of the Lost Ark weekly quests. Players can get a lot of gold coins, reputation and experience rewards through these tasks.

    Incomplete the Lost Ark Tasks

    Players complete game tasks every day to get rewards, and if you miss the daily challenge, the game will make up for it with double rewards the next day. Weekly challenges will not offer the same benefits, so dedicated players should complete these challenges each week. They are more time-consuming and more difficult, but the rewards will be much higher.

    If the player encounters a daily quest that they simply can't complete, you can also skip it through the cash shop and claim the reward. Buy Una's quest instant completion ticket to instantly bypass daily quests.

    This method can be used up to the daily limit to claim all rewards. The Platinum Founder's Pack contains ten pieces that players can use to easily complete a three-day mission.

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