Lost Ark Guide - Best tips for the beginner to get started


    Lost Ark beginners can be a little overwhelmed after first jumping into the game. After you have chosen your occupation and character, you need to focus on developing the character's function in the game so that you can better explore the world of Arkesia. In Lost Ark, you need to understand issues like focusing on main quests, pet summoning, how people build characters, exploring maps, and more.

    In Lost Ark, choose your character, you will face the choice of three advanced classes, for the initial player, among the five main classes, the advanced classes are difficult to choose, you can try one by one, each of the characters obtained Levels get new skills and the points you have to assign to level them up.

    Lost Ark Gold

    Lost Ark Gold is the main currency for players to circulate in the game. Although there are other forms of currency, Lost Ark Gold is irreplaceable and the most precious. It is an essential economy for you to explore Lost Ark. To get more Lost Ark Gold requires you to understand the rules of the game and complete missions.

    Learn when to use the dash

    Whether in PVP or PVE battles, players need a lot of attention and quick reactions. Every class in Lost Ark can use the dash by pressing the space bar. You cannot use it continuously due to the cooldown limit. So if you sprint at the wrong moment, you could find yourself trapped in a massive AoE from a boss or a series of attacks from opponents in the arena.

    Lost Ark Pet

    Pets follow you in Lost Ark and aid you in battle. Pets can help you retrieve your loot when there are many enemies, but not only that, but they also provide your character with bonuses called pet effects, such as a higher critical attack percentage or increased HP.

    Main Quests

    Main quests are the easiest way for players to level up quickly and get to the final stage, and are your main source of experience, so once the adventure begins, players don't ignore the main quest while pursuing new areas or side activities.

    Just do the main quest and you can reach the level 50 cap without taking too much time. Complete side quests in each region to increase your combat power and squad level. Completing the main quest unlocks dungeons and arenas for PvP matches.

    Explore the map

    Exploring the map is the first goal that players think of after getting familiar with the game. Lost Ark hides many secrets, an enemy can drop a treasure map leading to a hidden mini-boss, or exploring a dungeon can unlock access to secret rooms where you can find collectibles like mokoko seeds. Once you've collected a certain amount of collectibles, you'll be rewarded with rare items, ranging from cards to items used to increase stats.

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