How to earn more OSRS Gold in Old School Runescape?


    Old School Runescape has been in a stable state in the hearts of players, and even OSRS Gold can be used as a way of realistic investment, which means that players will continue to explore ways to obtain OSRS Gold in the game.


    Stealing is a simple and easy upgrade skill, and it is one of the more attractive upgrade skills due to the experience of this skill, so you may consider choosing Rogue over other skills. Rogue Master can be done from level 38 rogue, but to get the most gold per hour you will need a higher rogue level.

    Pickpocketing Paladins in East Arduigne (near the castle and market) can also bring you a lot of RS Gold and Chaos Runes. Pickpocketing a paladin is an effortless task that doesn't require much time and requires no special knowledge other than good stealing skills. For this method, it is recommended that your Rogue skill be at least 70.


    You might be surprised to see Smithing on this list, as historically it has never been very profitable. However, Smith is now very profitable. This transition is almost entirely related to blast furnaces. Forging with a blast furnace is faster and cheaper than anything else, so it's worth your time to try it out.

    At smithing level 50, you can start forging Mithril Bars, earning approximately 600,000 Gold per hour. At forging level 85, you can forge Runestone Bars and earn between 1.2 and 1.3 million Gold per hour. If you look around, you can also forge many other ores!


    Rune crafting has long been one of the most lucrative skills, and it remains so today. As far as what you should be crafting, opt for Dual Runes of Nature and Runes of Wrath to maximize gold production per hour. Double Runes of Nature have always been a surefire way to get decent gold. However, there is a new rune on this block, the Rune of Wrath. The Rune of Wrath can give you more gold per hour than the double rune of nature and is the highest level rune in the game. When using Wrath Runes, you'll see 1.6 million per hour.


    You can earn about three or four million Gold per hour by fighting. The best monsters to kill in OSRS are Demon Gorillas, Revenants, Savage Black Dragons and Lizardman Shamans. Fortunately, all of this gold can be sold safely and profitably on one of the many online trading platforms. If you don't have a clear goal then I recommend you Buy RS Gold from to help you enjoy the game better.