Old School RuneScape PvP Arena


    With the changes and eventual closure of Duel Arena, to create a better and balanced player experience, its full replacement, PVP Arena, has emerged, which is different from Duel Arena. PVP reduces very common scams.

    The PvP Arena works like this: indicate that you are looking for a fight, and the system will handle it. Keep playing and be notified when matches are available, and once confirmed, you'll be taken to a PvP alternate save the world to fight players of similar skill levels. Before participating in the competition, please prepare enough RS3 Gold For Sale in advance, you don't know what kind of challenge you will face on the mainline.

    Since all of these PvP battles take place on alternate servers, all your tiers and items will be left behind when you engage, you'll get a standard set of stats and choose a primary fighting style and A secondary fighting style.

    After the battle, if you win the PvP match, you will earn Ranking Points and Bonus Points. The premise is that this is a game arranged for you by the game system, and players who manually create duels and tournaments do not enjoy point rewards.

    To further reduce the appeal to RMT spammers and scammers looking for items, after an effort to reduce RMT and improve the experience, any non-decorative rewards will only be available in PvP enabled areas.

    Old School RuneScape offers a new PvP experience to view a complete list of rules, rewards, group info, and more. Also, if you encounter any difficulties in RuneScape, head over to RPGStash to Buy RS3 Gold to successfully win battles for loot.