Best Value OSRS Items in Old School RuneScape


    The word RuneScape has been widely concerned by players since its release, and the game content has become richer with time, but I am sure that players are more concerned about the acquisition of RS Gold than OSRS Items, but in fact, OSRS Some of the rarest items in the game are even more valuable and can even earn hundreds of millions of OSRS Gold!

    Below is a summary of the most expensive items players have purchased in Old School RuneScape, with more rare items to come as the game is updated.

    3rd Age Longsword– 1B

    The 3rd Age Longsword is the most expensive sword in the game, the price is close to 1B GP, it is an item worth buying in the game!

    3rd Age Bow – 1.46B

    3rd Age Bow is one of the most powerful ranged weapons and also very rare, with the ability to fire dragon arrows, this 3rd age bow will set you back 1.46B if you have billions of GP somewhere, then the 3rd Age Bow might be your best bet.

    3rd Age Druidic Top and Bottom – 2.1B

    This is a cosmetic garment that is a combination of a druid top and bottom. This is the most expensive outfit in the game and one of the most beautifully crafted dresses and comes with a ton of accessories or makeup like 3rd Age Druidic Cloak that will make you look very rich.

    3rd Age Pickaxe – 2.14B

    The 3rd Age Pickaxe is currently one of the most popular items in OSRS, and it's from the 3rd set, this item has a very low drop rate and is very rare, if you can get one of these, it can even change your condition.

    In addition, there are OSRS Items such as Harmonised Orb, Elysian Spirit Shield, Elysian Sigil, etc. that are worth investing in. Of course, these high-value Items can be obtained by players on, you can Buy OSRS Items, or directly buy osrs gold, RPGStash is always on sale at a reasonable price and will be delivered safely and quickly.

    But if you are lucky enough to have any of the above items in the game, you will be able to do well in the game, become powerful, or become rich. If so, I recommend that you collect it, because it may continue to appreciate in the future.