Diablo 2 Resurrected guide: How to quickly find and defeat Bloo


    Blood Raven is the first boss that players fight in Chapter 1 Burial Grounds, but tracking Burial Grounds in Diablo 2: Resurrected is more complicated because it is a random map, especially for novice players, to find the location of Blood Raven to a certain extent difficulty.

    How to find Blood Raven?

    From Rogue Encampment, head to Blood Moor, where you clear the evil lair. Pass the character Flavi who fights the Fallen on the edge of the Blood Marsh and transition to the cold plains. Although Blood Raven is the first Boss the player encounters, it is not that easy to deal with. For the sake of caution, players can prepare d2r items or D2 Resurrected Ladder Items in advance to enhance character skills.

    The maps in Diablo 2 are randomized, so the layout changes every game, and the Cold Plains always lead to several different areas. Diablo 2 Respawn's map is linear, and you end up in one of two places.

    One of them is the Stony Field, and experienced players will surely return to the cold plains to find another fork in the path. The cemetery in Hanyuan is much closer, and it is a cemetery. Search the area in the graveyard and you should find a tall metal graveyard gate. The Blood Raven should be in a nearby clearing.

    How to defeat the Blood Raven?

    Defeating Blood Ravens must be focused and deal with them as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you are a novice player, fighting against Blood Ravens, you will be lucky to buy D2R Items in advance. Inexperienced players can also quickly buy cheap d2r items from RPGStash.com to deal with the Blood Ravens' ranged attacks, rather than getting caught up in regular starvation monsters littering the graveyard.

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