Pvb Film Enables Glass To Have More Functions

  •     PVB film is mainly used for laminated glass, and a layer of PVB film with polyvinyl butyral as the main component is sandwiched between two pieces of glass. PVB laminated glass is widely used in construction, automobile, and other industries due to its many functions such as safety, heat preservation, noise control, and UV isolation. Let's take a look at the characteristics of PVB film.

    1. Safety: When subjected to external impact, the elastic intermediate layer has the effect of absorbing impact, which can prevent the impact object from penetrating. Even if the glass is damaged, only fine cracks similar to spider webs will be generated, and the fragments will firmly adhere to the glass. On the middle layer, it will not fall off and hurt people, and it can continue to be used until it is replaced.
    2. Anti-theft: PVB laminated glass is very tough, even if the thief cracks the glass because the middle layer firmly adheres to the glass, it still maintains the integrity so that the thief cannot enter the room.
    3. Sound insulation: Because PVB film has the function of damping sound waves, PVB laminated glass can effectively inhibit the transmission of noise, especially in the buildings located in airports, stations, downtowns and on both sides of roads, after the installation of laminated glass, its sound insulation effect Very obvious.
    4. Anti-ultraviolet performance: PVB film can absorb more than 99% of ultraviolet rays, thus protecting indoor furniture, plastic products, textiles, carpets, artworks, ancient cultural relics, or commodities from fading and aging caused by ultraviolet radiation.
    5. Energy-saving: The architectural laminated glass made of PVB film can effectively reduce the penetration of sunlight.

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