What Material is PVB Film Made of?

  •   PVB film is a kind of film that uses PVB as the main material and adds plasticizer in the production process for straight running. PVB film, also known as PVB intermediate film, is a tough resin film. In the production process, PVB film needs to be extruded and formed, and many other steps can be made. The emergence of PVB film has enabled many buildings to be supported by new technologies and materials. At present, the application of PVB film in China is becoming more and more extensive. So what are the main application fields of PVB film?

     First of all, the main field of PVB film is used in the production of safety glass. Because the PVB film itself has toughness, adding the film in the middle of the glass can effectively avoid the phenomenon of debris splashing when the glass is subjected to a strong impact of a certain strength and can play a protective role to a certain extent. In addition, PVB film can also play a role in maintaining temperature, can control the transmission of noise, and isolating ultraviolet rays. Therefore, PVB film has also been widely used in the fields of construction, automobile, photovoltaic and other industries. Since different types of PVB films need to be added in practical applications, the PVB and plasticizer compositions of the raw materials of PVB films will also be different.

     The above is the introduction of the main application fields of PVB film. In fact, the current application field of PVB film has been very extensive, and it has become a common part of our daily life.

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