How Will Gel Batteries Be Affected?

  •     The Sealed gel battery has many advantages and disadvantages, but the main reason they are superior to any other battery is the leak-free design. Unlike flooded batteries, the gel design has no liquid electrolyte. All acids are suspended in a solid matrix. Batteries may be inverted or tipped over during use without leakage.

        This simple fact reduces corrosion on the outside of the case and extends the life of the battery. It is safer to touch without gloves as any acid is always trapped inside the shell.

        Heat tends to be the enemy of any deep cycle battery. If it frequently heats up too much, the performance and life of the battery will suffer. The beauty of gel batteries is their ability to transfer heat. The baffles used in these designs are conductive and allow heat to escape from the enclosure. Gel batteries operate at cooler temperatures than their counterparts such as AGM or absorbent glass mat models. These designs absorb heat and lead to shorter overall battery life.

       In recent years, VRLA batteries or VRLA batteries have become the main products of high-quality batteries. It comes with a valve usually made of EPDM rubber. This valve protects the battery from leaks commonly found in overflow designs.

        Take a close look at this valve when you're considering whether gel batteries are worth the money. As long as it is made of high-quality materials, it can provide stability and longevity to the battery. In fact, this design is rapidly entering many industries, so opting for VRLA may be the norm in the future.

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