•  We are a Lead Acid Battery Manufacturers, let’s share with you several factors that affect the capacity of lead-acid batteries.

      1. The structure and number of plates

      When other conditions are the same, the capacity of the battery is determined by the area of the electrode plate and the porosity of the active material, so the electrode plate is generally made very thin. The thickness of the plate of the lead storage battery is 1.45-3.0mm.

      2, discharge situation

      When the battery is discharged to a large extent, because of the large amount of lead sulfate precipitation, the cross-sectional area of the pores of the electrode plate is reduced, which makes it difficult for sulfuric acid to penetrate the electrode plate. Therefore, when the discharge current increases, the sulfuric acid that penetrates into the pores of the electrode plate cannot make up for the amount of sulfuric acid consumed per unit time, resulting in a rapid decrease in the voltage of the battery, which makes it impossible to continue the discharge. Therefore, the discharge current increases and the battery capacity decreases.

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