Factors to consider before choosing industrial wood chippers




    Written by: Bethany_Rene




    Factors to consider before choosing industrial wood chippers

    An industrial wood chipper is a piece of machinery that has been specifically created to grind down, size and shape pieces of different types of industrial tree and shrub waste. The machine is used for commercial purposes such as recycling, resource conservation, and land clearing. For the perfect choice of industrial wood chipper, there are certain factors that you must know and consider.

    1. The machine's Engine

    The engine is the power source of an industrial wood chipper. It determines how powerful and effective a machine you can use for your intended task. The power of an engine is transfer to the cutting mechanism through a transmission shaft and this powers the cutting mechanism that are usually rotating blades. On the other hand, the cutting mechanism is also referred to as blades. There are different types of industrial wood chippers with engines ranging from a few hundred horsepower to a few thousand horsepower. The type of engine you get depends on what you intend to do with your machine and how much grass, trees and shrub waste you need to process.

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    1. The Size of the Machine

    The size of industrial wood chippers also plays a crucial role in choosing the right product for your intended use. The size of the machine is measured in cubic yards. You will also see the same types of industrial wood chippers being sold with different capacities. There are machines that can be as small as 10 cubic yards to as big as 60 cubic yards. Most people who want to buy an industrial wood chipper want one that is between 25 to 40 cubic yards and 50 to 60 cubic yards because most of the time, they are using their machine for commercial purposes at home or small scale farms.


    Price is one of the most important factors in choosing the right industrial wood chipper.Price is basically determined by the size, power source and model of the wood chipper. The better/more powerful a machine is, the higher its price will be. Most companies have their machines at different prices depending on their capacity and power source.You can find a globalsourcing site to buy cheap industrial wood chippers.

    1. Design of the Machine

    There are three different types of design for industrial wood chippers; horizontal, vertical and screw shaft. Horizontal designs are very common in most of the machines sold in the market today. Vertical designs are only used for trees and shrub waste that can be poured down into a hopper or opening found at the bottom part of the machine's frame or body. Screw shaft designs are just a little rare, but they are very powerful in the amount of cutting and grinding that they can do.

    1. Weight

    Weight is also an important factor when it comes to buying industrial wood chippers. The weight of the machine also depends on how much grass etc you need to process at a time, as well as its size and power source.


    To achieve the best results from industrial wood chippers, it is important that you understand them. This article is meant to help you understand what makes these machines work so well and also to help you know how to choose the right type and size of machine for your intended use.