Know About Aluminium Magnet Wire

  • The special enameled wire winding made of the electromagnetic coil can be bonded without forming itself if immersed, and the enameled wire can be directly welded into round aluminum without tearing the film, and the non-magnetic and non-magnetic interference enameled round aluminum with very low iron content. aluminium Magnet wire is a wire used as conductor, paint, varnish, and fiber or fiber insulation layer.

    The enameled wires are made into different enameled wires according to the painted external enameled wires, some of which can be welded directly, and some need to remove the film to be welded first. For example, using polyester-based coatings cannot be directly welded. The polyurethane film can be welded directly.

    The enamel magnet wire is a standard round, polyamide enamel inner coating pure copper wire and polyurethane coating. During the winding process of tight coils, high-speed windings, etc., the insulating layer will stand up and will not break. It is usually used for the assembly of winding coils and transformers and general laboratories or school classrooms. CCA wire is a copper clad aluminum wire with an enamel insulator, so it can be used in automobiles and electromagnetic coils. Enamel is used because it is very thin, so most of the winding space can be filled with copper instead of insulators. It does not have a high isolation voltage, but in a correctly structured winding, the voltage from one turn to another remains small.