Typical Application Of Aluminium Magnet Wire

  • Enameled wire is one of the main varieties of winding wires. It consists of conductor and insulating layer. CCA wire is a kind of conductor consisting of a plurality of individual twisted or braided insulated conductors. Typical applications include: high frequency inductors, transformers, converters, fuel cells, electric motors, communication and IT equipment, ultrasonic equipment, sonar equipment, televisions, radios, induction heating, etc.

    The aluminium Magnet wire has good electrical conductivity. Therefore, it can be used in large quantities to manufacture wires, cables, brushes, etc. Because of its good thermal conductivity, it is always used to manufacture magnetic instruments and instruments (such as compasses, aviation instruments, etc.) that are electromagnetic interference. Due to the good plastic pole, it is easy to perform hot and cold pressure processing, and can be made into tubes, rods, wires, strips, strips, plates, foils, and copper. There are two types of copper smelted products and processed products.