Rectangular Enameled Copper Wire Has Good Toughness

  • Whether it is bare copper wire or stranded Rectangular Enameled Copper Wire, ductility is a universal characteristic. The ductility of copper wire is attributed to industries that use thin and strong varieties. They can be drawn into ultra-fine structures and pipes. Due to ductility, the physical and electrical properties remain unchanged. It also ensures that resources are not wasted and are optimally used. Moreover, these wires make the application lighter.


    Stranded copper wire is used for overhead transmission grids. They are resilient to extreme weather conditions and high-speed winds. These wires can be extended distances without worrying about power loss. The wires will not break, if other things happen, they can be alloyed. The toughness of stranded wire and bare copper wire enters special tools and circuits. Toughness is the property of wires suitable for aeronautical engineering, space shuttle design and defense equipment manufacturing.


    Excessive use and the inability to recycle copper wires in different forms will limit applications exponentially. If the industry cannot provide enough copper to meet the demand, it will seriously damage the following industries. The following industries need to pay attention to their bare copper wire inventory.


    Almost 65% of inventory in the automotive industry relies on bare copper wires. It uses more than 300 million tons of natural copper to meet market demand. The automotive industry is also one of the most wasteful industries, contributing less than 6% of copper wire recycling. If the recycling of wires is increased to the double-digit centiles, the automotive industry can reduce its conventional demand to 120 million tons per year. Using Round Enameled Copper Wire also helps maximize the use of fuel. The ignition time and electronic fuel system are 50% less than the conventional ignition system.