Stripping Method Of Enameled Aluminum Wire

  • For enameled aluminum wire, it must be stripped (there are very few requirements for household low fans, and ballast manufacturers do not strip). The stripping method I have tried is very cordial. Here is a list of its advantages and disadvantages. (1) You can use a razor to scrape; (2) You can use a knife to peel off the centrifuge; (3) You can also use paint to clean the worn wheels; (4) Of course you can use makeup remover; (5) You can also It can be used for high-temperature hot tin paint, (6) It can be burned off with fire (7) Of course, it can also be stripped with pink paint.

    The scraping method of aluminum enameled wire is of course the most traditional method. There is not much technology. The surface damage of aluminum with special tools is relatively small. Without high temperature, the surface of aluminum will not form an oxide film, and the wire will not become brittle, but the efficiency is low. , It is only suitable for large-scale wire stripping. Wire diameter below 0.5MM is not suitable, because the thread is easy to be broken, the scraper is also hit continuously, the toughness is bad, and it is not suitable for large-scale operations, except for Rectangular Enameled Aluminum Wire being scratched. There are burrs on the surface, which is not conducive to welding.