Enameled Aluminum Wire Has a Wide Range Of Applications

  • The current application fields of enameled aluminum wire mainly include:

    1. All kinds of large, medium, and small transformers;
    2. Inductance, electromagnetic coil;

    Soldering instructions: When soldering, the soldering iron tip should be as close as possible to the main body to be soldered, and then the solder wire is sent to the soldering iron tip to melt the solder and complete the soldering. Welding effect); For the welding of enameled aluminum wire and copper wire (or aluminum wire), the connection is usually made by twisted twisted-pair after scraping the paint. The size of the twisted twisted-pair directly affects the welding effect. The greater the amount of tin, the stronger the welding between the two wires. For the newly welded enameled wire, please do not pull it too much, wait for it to cool down completely before checking its reliability. After the used solder wire is used up, use a lighter to burn the wire head into a spherical shape to prevent the flux in the wire from losing. Then solder into the desired Round Enameled Aluminum Wire or rectangular enameled aluminum wire according to the needs