How To Choose The Right Curtain Fabric?

  •     There is no one-size-fits-all rule when it comes to choosing the best fabric or material for your curtains. With a proper understanding of curtain fabrics, their use, and care instructions, you can perfectly pick the perfect curtains for your entire home.

       Curtains are available in lightweight, standard weight, or heavyweight fabrics, each with different uses and functions. To choose the right curtain fabric for your home, you need to consider the needs of each room or window making sure to choose a fabric that you like and enjoy looking at.

        Polyester is the standard choice for curtains. It's affordable, low maintenance, and durable - perfect for renters, first home buyers, or those on a budget.

        Style and usage

    1. Available in a variety of colors and patterns to match any decor
    2. Suitable for most rooms in your home
    3. Avoid polyester in the kitchen or dining room - polyester absorbs odors and is flammable

         Rayon mimics natural fibers. It feels as luxurious as silk or linen. Like polyester, rayon is affordable and functional in the home.

        Style and usage

    1. Soft and durable
    2. Suitable for most rooms in your home

         3. very suitable for filtering

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