Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bronzing Fabrics

  •     Since gilding fabrics are commonly used cotton, polyester and various blended chemical fiber fabrics, the advantages and disadvantages of gilding fabrics are also closely related to the base fabric. For example, after bronzing cotton, it will retain the soft and warm properties of cotton, while polyester Bronzing cloth will have better abrasion resistance.

        After the fabric is finished by the bronzing process, its color and finish will be brighter, giving a visual effect of a golden finish, and it is simple to print and jacquard the fabric. The cost of the bronzing process is not high, so the price of this fabric is It's not too expensive, and the wholesale price of bronzing cloth ranges from a few yuan to dozens of yuan.

        However, after the cloth surface is bronzing, there will be different degrees of gold powder loss after cleaning or long-term use and the printing pattern on the cloth surface will gradually wear and fall off. Therefore, it is necessary to control the cleaning time and strength of this type of work clothes, followed by this The use of this kind of fabric is also relatively limited, generally used for costumes and work clothes decorations.

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