How About Laminated Clothing?

  • Pressing glue fabric is the use of laminated cloth. This kind of cloth waterproof layer is combined with the inner and outer layers of the clothes. The two-layer glue is to combines the waterproof and breathable material with the surface fabric, while the lining is separate, and the three layers are the surface fabric. , waterproof membrane, lining three layers are pressed together.

       From the outside, the clothes with two layers of glue can see the obvious mesh lining inside the clothes, while the clothes with three layers of glue are integrated inside and outside, and the inner side is a black fine mesh directly combined with the waterproof membrane.

       However, the breathability of laminated clothing is poor. In general, clothes, although the seams are tightly rolled, there is still wind and water that can seep in. The stitching of the shell is in the form of glue, which avoids the possibility of wind infiltration. The fabric of the shell itself has excellent water resistance, and some good-quality jackets can resist the light and medium rain.

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