We are a professional custom sofa fabric manufacturer. There are many sofa materials, such as leather, fabric, board + solid wood, rattan, solid wood + fabric, etc. We know that the sofa is the furniture that can best show the style and style of home decoration in the living room. Sofas made of different materials have different experiences and different styles. How to distinguish between good and bad fabric sofa fabrics? I believe everyone has such doubts. When we are buying a sofa, we also need to know some sofa buying guides. Let's share the method of identifying fabric sofa fabrics below:

      1. Look at the flatness of the cloth

      Since the sofa is filled with stuff, it is very important that the cloth is tightly attached, flat, and stiff. It is necessary to carefully check whether the two armrests, the seat, and the back of the joint are folds.

      2. Look at the thickness of the fabric

      Thick sofa fabrics are more durable and durable. Fabrics that are too thin are prone to breakage and wrinkles. Look at whether the fabric is wrinkled or not.

      3. Look at the cloth printing

      Generally speaking, thin fabrics with printed patterns are cheap because of their simple craftsmanship, while patterns and other patterns are woven, which are thicker and higher-end. When purchasing, carefully observe the pattern of the fabric. The pattern woven by different warp and weft threads has a three-dimensional effect and is not as smooth as a printed fabric. Furthermore, the fabrics made of pure cotton and pure wool are of higher grade than ordinary rayon fabrics. In addition, when purchasing, carefully check whether the sofa cover is easy to disassemble, so as to facilitate cleaning during use in the future.

      4. Smell the smell

      This is a method that many people can think of. A good sofa should be natural and environmentally friendly without peculiar smell. If the sofa has a pungent odor, it must be a poor-quality fabric.

      Fabric sofa purchase guide


      First of all, you should choose the patterns and styles you like, and pay attention to the style of the overall home. It is best not to choose too light colors. Light-colored fabrics are not resistant to stains and difficult to clean.


      Feel the thickness of the fabric with your hands. Thicker fabrics are generally better because they are more durable. The fabrics made of pure cotton and pure wool are of higher grade than ordinary rayon fabrics.


      Check whether there are any problems such as thread breakage, hair removal, color loss, etc. The surface of the fabric sofa should be smooth and smooth, not rough, and feel good; check the workmanship of the shelf, whether the surface spraying is smooth, without color difference, and does not hurt your hands.


      Check the washing method of the fabric, see whether it is washed or dry cleaned, so as to avoid improper maintenance or cleaning methods in the later period, which may damage the surface of the sofa.


      Observe carefully what kind of fabric pattern belongs to. The pattern woven from different warp and weft threads has a three-dimensional effect, not as smooth as printed fabrics.


      Check whether the shelf of the sofa is stable, and the contact surface of the bottom of the shelf is flat and level with the ground. There are no obvious errors in the joints, no looseness, strong and firm.


      Look at the elasticity of the sofa's filling, that is, the sponge, you can sit on it and feel it. Good elasticity proves that the filling is full, and it will also enhance people's comfort.

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