Each Rocket Pass will only be available for a few months

  • The level progression system will be much more rewarding once your level is tied to the Rocket Pass. Psyonix is introducing Fortnite-style Rocket Passes that will unlock cosmetic items as players progress through the levels. Each Rocket Pass will only be available for a few months, and there will be both a free and paid version. The paid Rocket Pass will cost $9.99 (or 10 keys), giving players access to exclusive cosmetic items and will about 100 hours of gameplay to unlock everything.

    Players in the Rocket League trading community are especially excited for Rocket Passes, since they have no qualms about spending money on cosmetics and will soon have even more to collect. However, average players might not be as thrilled since they likely won't want to spend $10+ on items they may or not actually get. More info on Rocket Passes can be found here.With Rocket Pass and Cross Platform Parties on the way, the rest of the summer might be just as exciting as the events we've had so far.

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