Rocket League:get in position quick with the half-flip

  • The half-flip is a wonderful recuperation move. In Rocket League, you'd like your lift to point inside the bearing you're going constantly. It's not generally conceivable, yet the half-flip rapidly permits you to confront the correct way in the event that you land up in reverse.

    This move exploits an intriguing technician called flip dropping. when you avoid advances or in reverse, you'll hold your simple stick inside the contrary gratitude to drop the flip. Along these lines, on the off chance that you hold forward at the exact second you hit 180° through a reverse somersault, you're confronting the contrary way and you will help forward. the main issue is, your wheels are currently facing up, so you'd wish to utilize air move right/left to pivot the correct high when you drop – sparing yourself from a thoughtless controller bungle.

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