Rocket League Items will receive an update

  • XP that will be earned in a new online game, while the average change in progress in the game is not a line, eliminating the 75 level cap, and flattening amount of XP required to advance level. Under the new system earn leveling rare stochastic or better quality player; random drop replacement of existing systems. Intermediate grade will now be unlocked certain milestones XP, although all existing players to win the title will remain in them.

    The progress update will also join the "club", allowing the player to organize a team and compete in a custom label. The club will support up to 20 members.As rocket passes, it will be the current operating conditions, a premium means the acquisition of all of the new content rocket League. All these elements can still earn through free play of unlockables, which Psyonix said that in June will need to collect about 100 hours of play.

    Rocket League Items will receive an update of the level of development of the system following the long-awaited rocket passes after August 29, a week. Psyonix clued us last month of summer roadmap announced upcoming changes to a progress rocket league, but the new "club" is characterized by the total surprise.In In short, the purpose of the new level of development systems are in uniform spacing players lining up the system between the exponential growth substituted XP required level. The new system hopes to provide a more valuable level of development experience to the player, and the player will receive a random item they earn each new level. The new system goes hand in hand with the progress of the upcoming rocket pass, as players will receive a certificate from the active rocket project, as they rank up a bit on a regular basis.