Snowboard Version Determination

  • When a Ski Board Exporter produces snowboards, of course, first of all, it must have customer orders. After receiving the order, determine the board type, pattern, and requirements of the snowboard materials required by the customer to make the snowboards. Let's talk about the board type first. Generally, the common board type snowboard factory will have abrasives that can be used directly. This way, the cost of the ski will be much lower. Some of the more special board types require new abrasives. The cost of the snowboard will be higher. Next, let’s talk about materials. General materials such as poplar core, floor material, steel edge strip, glass fiber, panel material, and other manufacturers have stocks. If the customer needs special materials and the order quantity of skis is relatively small, the cost of the skis will also increase. . Then there is printing. Snowboard printing is mainly used for the panels and bottom plates of the snowboard. If the snowboard is customized in large quantities, the printing part will generally not increase the production cost of the snowboard, and if the number of customized snowboards is very small, the cost of a single snowboard will increase. Some. Although many places may increase the cost of skis, compared to foreign skis, the price of domestic skis is still much lower.

    Next, let’s talk about the production of snowboards. After knowing the customer’s needs, you can start to make snowboards. First, it takes about ten hours to open the mold for simple abrasive tools, but some of the more complex or large abrasive tools may be It takes a few days, and then the board core mills and polishes the glue-bonded grinding rod to the required shape and thickness. Then press the steel edge strips, print patterns on the snowboard panel and bottom plate, prepare the glass fiber, glue these prepared materials in order, and fit and extrude them. After the molding is finished, the skis must be cut and polished. At this time, the production of the skis is completed, and finally, the oil sealing, waxing, and plastic sealing are enough.

    And some of the very cheap snowboards that everyone sees on the Internet and normal snowboards are almost two concepts of Snowboard. Some of those skis are made of simple templates, and others are made of only plastic. There is almost no toughness and elasticity, and it is easy to break, which is very dangerous for skiers.