Corrugated Plastic Rsc Container Exporter Introduces The Requir


    The hollow board storage box is a simple and lightweight multi-functional storage box, which is used to classify small boxes for separate storage. Can stand upright or lay flat. A box (box) specially used to organize messy items, used to store small scattered things at home. The hollow crate is designed to be foldable. Books, newspapers, cosmetics, and other small objects can be placed. Beautiful and practical, foldable storage, does not take up space, is a good helper for daily use at home. Corrugated Plastic Rsc Container Exporter introduces the features of hollow board storage boxes:

    1. Waterproof and moisture proof.

    2. Anti-aging and high tensile strength.

    3. Easy to clean and maintain.

    4. Light weight and simple process.

    5. Chemical resistance, non-toxic.

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