Corrugated Plastic Partitions Suppliers Introduces The 7 Elemen


    The screen printing corrugated box process adopts the direct printing method. Since the ink rate of the screen plate is proportional to the hole distance of the screen, the resolution of screen printing is not high and the image accuracy is low. The conventional screen line number is 60 lines/inch to 80 lines/inch. Below, Corrugated Plastic Partitions Suppliers introduces the screen printing corrugated box has the following characteristics:

    (1) It is not suitable for linkage production line, and the production efficiency is low.

    (2) The printing format can be large or small.

    (3) Printing can be completed before mounting and boxing, or after mounting and boxing.

    (4) Suitable for printing non-fine products. The ink color of screen printing is thick, so its color saturation is high, and the visual effect is strong, especially the solid color of spot color printing, the effect is better.

    (5) Plate making is easy and plate making cost is low.

    (6) The printing cost is low.

    (7) The printing quality is relatively stable.

    Through the above introduction, Corrugated Plastic Dividers Suppliers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.