Pe Gasket Manufacturers Introduces Reduction Requirements For S


    Pe Gasket Manufacturers explains how to reduce energy consumption in stainless steel ball production.

    1. Scientific selection of raw materials. In the selection of raw materials for the production of stainless steel balls, the material utilization rate must be considered. First of all, it is necessary to reduce the intermediate links in the procurement process and directly face the steel suppliers, so as to reduce the price and cost of materials. In the selection of steel manufacturers, it is necessary to realize that the price difference will affect the quality, and choose the materials with high-cost performance.Material manufacturers can save the additional waste of resources.

    2. Manufacturing process. In the production of molds, cemented carbide molds or molds with hardened surfaces should be selected. Better improve the anti-wear and anti-fatigue ability of steel balls. In the cold heading process of stainless steel balls, hard cutting tools are selected to effectively reduce the tolerance of steel balls and save materials. And the service life of the mold is extended. Reduce costs in the production process.

    3. Control of excipients. Steel balls need abrasive fluid to assist grinding in the process of smooth grinding, hard grinding, and grinding. Scientific timing and quantitative effective control of grinding fluid abrasives can save the cost of auxiliary materials, thereby reducing the overall production cost of steel balls.

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