What does the driving trajectory positioning of 4g vehicle gps

  • 4g vehicle gps tracker is very common and a very important function, that is, driving trajectory positioning. But people who don't know GPS tracker don't know what the car's driving trajectory is, let alone the advantages of driving trajectory positioning.

    The driving track of a car is a record of the information on the motion state of the car, including location, date, time, speed, and so on. Cars with Concais GPS trackers installed can view the playback of the car's driving dynamics on the computer or mobile app in time. Various information such as driving area, speed, parking time, etc. of the car can be grasped anytime, anywhere, and it is clear at a glance.

    The GPS management platform can automatically save the motion track of the car and store it for about 6 months. In this way, when the car owner needs it, the car's driving trajectory at any time within 6 months can be retrieved in time for viewing.

    However, if you do not want the GPS locator to record its driving trajectory, you can only intervene manually on the locator to affect its normal operation. For example, turn it off, or take out the embedded IoT card. Only the locator can not be operated, so that the driving track of the car will not be left. If you need to run it again, you can turn it on again, or put the IoT card into it.

    The track information stored by the management platform does not support manual deletion. As the national policy requires the GPS positioning industry to support the provision of nearly 180 days of car driving records, some special industries may need to store longer, or even keep it for one to three years. Generally, after the storage period expires, the system will automatically delete the history.

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