Features of Creasing Machine

  • The creasing machine is mainly used for pressing wood and cutting various kinds of cardboard, plastic sheet and other products.

    Used in printing, plastics and other industries. It is characterized by compact structure, large pressing force, high precision,

    Operator, etc. As a simple thread trimming machine, if you don’t pay attention to it during operation,

    There will be accidents. Below, the editor will explain to everyone that the safe operation needs to pay attention to the following


    1. The operator must understand the structure, principle, control method, etc. of the thread cutting machine, and be proficient

    Operation control-related buttons.

    2. Before production, it is necessary to make correct adjustments to the cutting-through effect and position spacing of the knife line;

    Ensure the installation progress of the motor shield and the sensitive and reliable operation of the control handle.

    3. Before the creasing machine is operated, first add oil to the oil tank and each lubrication, and then start the operation.

    Press and cut after the operation are stable.

    4. When assembling and calibrating, etc., the power must be cut off to ensure safety.

    5. During the production process, the quality status of the product and the operating status of the equipment should be checked in real-time


    6. Keep the interior of each electrical control box clean at all times.

    7. If the equipment is found to be abnormal during the production process, it should be stopped immediately and checked and dealt with.

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