The Dominus is a DLC struggle-car that turned

  • The Dominus is a DLC struggle-car that turned into launched on Aug. Thirteen, 2015. When this automobile changed into Rocket League Trading first launched, gamers had to pay cash for the Supersonic Fury DLC percent to get it, but it’s when you consider that been made available totally free with out purchase via Epic’s new blueprint liberate gadget.

    After the Octane, the Dominus is the maximum famous automobile select at excessive levels of the game. It shares a number of the benefits of the Batmobile plank type automobiles within the air, but it handles corners higher than the plank hitbox cars. For some gamers, the Dominus gives the first-rate of both worlds among the plank hitbox and the Octane hitbox, coping with within the air like a plank automobile and dealing with the ball of the floor like an Octane.

    There are over 20 motors in Rocket League that  use the Dominus hitbox. Those vehicles consist of the ‘89 Batmobile, the Dominus GT, the Delorean, and the Aftershock. But the traditional Dominus stays the warfare-car version that most closely suits the actual hitbox you’re running with, so it’s still the maximum popular version of the car.