For extra on Rocket League this newsletter from Aron Garst

  • For extra on Rocket League, this newsletter from Aron Garst explores a community of gamers that has dived deep into the game's ice hockey mode.

    In February, a US Senator wrote a letter to the Federal Trade Commission criticizing the practice as predatory. Shortly after, the FTC announced a public workshop however declined to Rocket League Trading comment if it was undertaking any formal research.

    Last yr, the ESRB spoke back to the growing issues by means of saying new labeling equipment to greater honestly discover video games with loot boxes and comparable microtransaction schemes.

    Early this month, Rocket League players on Linux and Mac had been given the news that their versions of the sport might now not be supported for online play. These gamers, who're stated to make up much less than 1% of the sport's total participant population, will now not be able to LOLGA  play the game online anymore after an update in March.