Notes on automotive industry wipe cleanings Manufacturersd's au


    First time using automotive industry cleaning wipes Manufacturersd's car cleaning wipes? remember these things
    Before we consider which towel you need to use to wash and dry your car, here are a few things you should know. An important point is that whatever car wipes you use in one part of the car should not be used in any other area.

    That's because debris from the wheels can scratch your body paint, and dead bug and bird-fall residue can contaminate your interior. Because you don't want them running on the same surface, avoid washing them and store them together.

    Finally - not all cars are painted the same. This means that car cleaning wipes that work well on one type of car finish can be harmful to others. Pay attention to what type of car you have to help choose the best towel or tool for each cleaning step.

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