Understand the system design of Star Wars The Old Republic

  • They have established star Wars The Old Republic for 10 years. Players always love this game and SWTOR Credits Buy. Recently, the system designer of SWTOR published an article detailing the system design of SWTOR. The excellent game system allows players to more conveniently experience the fun in the game. They committed the system team to ensuring one thing, the energy and time invested by the players are balanced with the game experience they get.   

    The system designer developed the so-called game loop. Players can think of the game loop as a repeated tour through various parts of the game, such as the daily area, the player's weekly conquests, and so on. In these cycles, players can create and complete goals, interact with other members of the community, and experience teamwork. The game loop attracts a large number of players to buy SWTOR Gold.  

    A key component of these cycles is the goal. When players log into SWTOR, their first thought is to accomplish some goals. For some players, the game is about experiencing an epic story. And some other players may want to use their creativity in decoration. There are also players who want to continuously improve their strength. Regardless of the purpose of the game, players can choose to buy SWTOR Credits to help.   

    To help complete this process, developers will try to meet as many goals as possible when making the system. Players now have 3 goals: short-term, medium-term, and long-term. They completed no matter which one, players will bring generous rewards, such as SWTOR Credits. Among them, the long-term goal is the most rewarded, because the long-term goal requires players to focus on this goal throughout the month of the game. Of course, long-term goals are more difficult, players can choose to buy some SWTOR Credits to reduce the difficulty.