Star Wars The Old Republic new serie of game is in production

  • During Sony’s 2021 PlayStation Showcase, the company launched Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Remake. This is a limited-time remake of the console specially designed for PS5, and the game will also have a PC version. For SWTOR players, this is undoubtedly the biggest surprise. The launch of the new series of games will greatly arouse players’ enthusiasm for the game and their desire to buy SWTOR Credits.   

    Among them, players can choose to control custom male or female characters. Its events took place thousands of years before the formation of the Galactic Empire, with the purpose of preventing the evil Sith Lord Malak from launching a war against the Galactic Republic. Players can freely make choices that affect the direction of the game, following the light or dark side of power. Choosing to buy some SWTOR Money will be of great help to players.   

    As of now, there is still little information about the release of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Remake. According to official sources, KOTOR is still in a very early stage of development. This means that players still have a long time to wait. Therefore, the current optimization and update of SWTOR is still the focus, so as to attract players to buy more SWTOR Credits.   

    The first trailer showed the new Darth Revan and the distinctive helmet and red lightsaber. The remake is co-produced by Aspyr and Lucasfilm Games. Players currently know nothing about the content of this game, but they are still happy to see one of the most popular games in the Star Wars series is making a comeback. This will also arouse their enthusiasm to buy Cheap SWTOR Credits