How to get attune to Serpentshrine Cavern in WOW TBC Class

  • Serpentshrine Cavern is the second phase of The Burning Crusade Classic. It is one of two new raids in World of Warcraft. Lady Vashj is the fearsome lieutena of The Burning Legion. She will be waiting for all players at the end of the raid. At the same time, there is a treasure trove of new items with Tier 5 loot.

    But you must first be attuned to the instance before you can enter the Serpentshrine Cavern and obtain the precious treasures in it. The attunement of Serpentshrine Cavern is a necessary mechanism for all players who want to enter the raid, let alone complete it, which is the same as many other dungeons and raids in The Burning Crusade.

    In traditional attunement, each player must complete a long chain of tasks. For example, if you want to obtain the key that allows you to enter the Serpentshrine Cavern, you need to travel a long distance through Outland.

    Here is a method for attune to Serpentshrine Cavern in WoW TBC Classic:

    1. To start the attunement process, you need Heroic difficulty to open the Slave Pens. And if you want to activate the attunement chain, you need to reach level 70 when you enter the Slave Pen.
    2. You enter the instance and you will encounter the first Boss, Mennu the Betrayer, after clearing all the way in the dungeon.
    3. After defeating the Boss, you will encounter an NPC named Skar'this the Heretic. You will get TBC Classic Gold a quest named "The Cudgel of Kar’Desh" and you need to complete it.

    After the above three tasks are completed, you will receive the final reward: attunement to Serpentshrine Cavern.

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