The ability of the epic boss will be weakened in WOW TBC Classi

  • About a month after European World of Warcraft guild Echo defeated the Mythic boss, Sanctum of Domination’s Painsmith Raznal has been weakened by Blizzard Entertainment.

    Painsmith Raznal is one of the hardest bosses in Shadowlands to defeat. Defeating it in the raid phase requires guilds to play a higher level of cooperation than usual, so it has Buy TBC Classic Gold become an obstacle for many guilds.

    And now, every row of spikes will have a gap which becomes the second stage of the Mythic difficulty encounter. Also reduced the health of Painsmith Raznal, Spiked Balls, and Shadowsteel Horrors by 10%.

    These adjustments will be changed in North America during the weekly maintenance period of the game plan on Tuesday, August 10th, while the European region will need to wait until Wednesday, August 11 to make changes.

    Echo used 106 methods to try to kill the boss, which is more attempts than killing other bosses. In addition, the guild will avoid using Rocket Jump’s mechanics and will use Goblin as their race. The North American counterpart Complexity-Limit defeated the Boss by more than 170 attempts.

    In contrast, after Echo made 167 attempts on the Boss, he defeated the world's No. 1 Sylvanas Windrunner in WOW TBC Classic Gold less than a week in a surprise attack, becoming one of the fastest defeated final Boss in years.

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