The use of the new character Aloy in Genshin Impact is confusin

  • Although Aloy is a publicity character, her performance and action display in the game are quite stable. Horizon Zero Dawn has been released for several years, but she always feels a bit similar when using ranged attacks. Unfortunately, the bow class is only her only source of knowledge. Since her story background is defined as a hunter, it is relatively reasonable, but in battle, it may be a good choice to Genshin Impact Account for sale replace them in time when the archer’s elemental burst attack is used. Because for most Genshin players, they all know that this class is not very popular.

    Unless some put a lot of resources into Aloy, many players are very entangled and helpless to use her in battle. Because the enemy level of Genshin Impact is related to the world level, the increase in player experience can increase the world level. So when the enemy's level is very high, using a low-level Aloy to protect your own world feels very powerless.

    However, Aloy has low temperature capabilities and can be used to set up reactions (such as freezing, superconducting, and melting), which is very useful in games. So take Aloy to the starting area of ​​Mondstadt, this is where she really plays a role, and it can give her real strength. And her passiveness allows you to sneak attack on unsuspecting animals with anyone in Genshin Impact Accounts the party. The Anemo character Sayu has insect-like abilities, but Aloy's ability advantage is that her passive is an animal dedicated to dropping food.

    As a new five-star character of Genshin Impact, Aloy is loved by a wide range of players, but because she is available for free, her abilities may not be as powerful as those five-star characters that need to be drawn through card packs. Therefore, it is not enough for players to have her alone, and other five-star characters are also needed for matching. Then you can follow MMOWTS, here are the things you want, you only need to purchase Genshin Impact Accounts to get other five-star characters.